welcome to trashlab.net

here's a story:

i wanted to have my own domain for my email address, but the problem with that is you have to come up with a name. it needed to be something easy to pronounce - and something that is spelled like it sounds. i wanted it to be vague, that is, to not have my name in the url. and i wanted it to be able to serve the purposes of whatever i might throw at it.

"trash" is a self-deprecating term, which also ties into the nickname i've used on social services such as xbox live and twitter.

"lab" is the umbrella term that shows this can be used for whatever i want it to become in the future.

this site just sits here, not actively maintained, quietly serving its primary purpose. there's nothing really here at present. perhaps one day i will put my resume or other goodies here. but for now the only reason you are here is because somehow you stumbled across my domain - you probably saw my email address and through some combination of curiosity and boredom you typed in the domain name to have a look.

as for how this looks, well, the default tools by my host provider are not very robust, but they are included in the email hosting fees and I can’t justify an additional expense for as minimalist as this site is. 

i suppose it's not a very good story.